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Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Desiccant in Dry Bag Packets

An extremely effective air purifier that naturally absorbs odors, harmful pollutants and moisture. Filled with just one powerful ingredient: MINGHUI Mineral Crystal, the MINGHUI Bag will keep your home fresh, dry and odor free.

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Nano-mineral crystals are rare non-metallic natural minerals borned by nature such as sepiolite, attapulgite, diatomaceous earth, etc. These minerals are properly configured to form nano-mineral crystals for air purification.

Due to the large number of pores, the size of the pores is nanometer-sized, and the surface of the pores has characteristics such as polarity. Compared with the same number of pores, it has a strong adsorption effect on polar gas compounds of nanometer molecular size. 

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1. The number of nano-scale pores and micropores is more than that of activated carbon of the same volume, so the adsorption rate of harmful gases such as formaldehyde on nano-ore crystals is faster than that of activated carbon, and the effect is stronger than that of activated carbon.

2. Because of the strong adsorption effect of nano mineral crystals, the usage amount of nano mineral crystals per unit area is much smaller than that of activated carbon. It is proved that the usage amount of activated carbon per unit area is 250g, while nano mineral crystals only need 25g.


3. Because of different production processes, activated carbon is often black and dirty, while nano-mineral crystals are natural substances, odorless, clean, and dust-free, and can be used as fillers for other products (such as toys)

4. The service life of activated carbon is only 5-8 months, while the release period of formaldehyde is 3-15 years. Nano mineral crystals can be recycled, and the product can be desorbed and regenerated by sun exposure or heating and baking, which has a long service life. Longer than activated carbon, it is an ideal substitute for activated carbon.


 Breathe deeply and relish in clean air filtered by MINGHUI Nature Green air purifying drying bag! With a higher absorption rate than other brands' mineral crystal bags, our mineral crystal bags effectively traps odors, moisture, and more for noticeably fresh air.It's widely used in bedrooms,kitchen, wardrobe, closet, car etc.





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Product Name Air purifying dry bag
Specification 100g / 200g / 300g / 500g / OEM
Material Nano-mineral crystal
Purity 99.6%
Function Eliminating Bad Odors, Dehumidifier, Harmful Gas etc 
Application Car, Wardrobe, Refrigerator, Closet, Toilet, office, etc 
Life Time Lasts up to 2 years- reuse it under sunlight around 1 hour once a month 
Certification ROHS, REACH, DMF, ISO9001, ISO14001

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