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It's essential to do prevention of moisture damage in the footwear industry.

Using fungicides or antifungal agents to solve the problem of mold growth is not the best choice.
Our Minghui SUPER ABSORB desiccant prevents the mold by moisture absorption as a cheap and an eco-friendly way from the very beginning.

The Problems Faced on Footwear

The product will risk

Most of the shoes made by leather Material. The glue is needed to bond the shoes during the production process. Whether it is leather or glue, mold is prone to grow on its surface. Once the shoes get damp, mold will multiply.

Product Problems

The shoes and boots will produce mold growth, degumming, peculiar smell, rusty metal parts will be caused after moisture absorption.

Recommended Scheme

Put the Minghui SUPER ABSORB desiccant in the package, and hang the container desiccant in the container

Product Recommendation

It has a steady effect of drying and anti-mildew. Especially the calcium chloride desiccant, silica gel desiccant and mineral desiccant & anti-mold sticker.


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