Minghui desiccant act as a convenient cheap and extremely high-quality alternative anti-moisture and mold proof solution.

Electronic equipment is not waterproof, especially some precision instruments. Such as mobile phones, watches,cameras
penetration of moisture or water vapor affects their normal work.And our products effectively avoid these problems.

The challenge faced on Electronic

The product will risk

Most of the electronic devices has high value. The internal electronic components need to maintain high sensitivity. Once they are corroded, customers will suffer huge economic losses.

The problems inccured on electronic devices

The rust and corrosion, water stains and mildew on the panel & other area.

Recommended Scheme

Put the MINGHUI effcient moisture absorbtion desiccant bag in the package, and hang the container desiccant in the container to protect outter packing to get wet.

Product Recommendation

The silica gel desiccant has the physical absorption of moisture, moderate reaction, could protect the electronic device well not get corrision.

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