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The ultra-white embossed glass is mainly used in solar cell packaging and is an indispensable and important component of solar photovoltaic cells.

Once the photovoltaic glass is damp and moldy, the appearance of the glass and the mechanical properties of the product will change, resulting in huge losses due to product scrap.
Minghui has accumulated rich experience in the drying and humidity control technology solutions of photovoltaic glass, cells and photovoltaic modules.

The Problems faced on Glass industry

Product Features

The glass may appear mold,adhesion, packaging mold, packaging deformation after moisture absorption during storage and transportation.

The product will risk

The white spots will form on the surface in humid environment that produces the mold .And the alkaline moldy components on the surface will corrode the glass in further and cause irreparable losses. In addition, the glass is usually packaged in overlapping form when transported. They will stick together tightly once moisture absorbtion, not easy to separate.

Recommended Scheme

Put the  MINGHUI super absorb desiccant in the package, and hang the container desiccant in the container to prevent the carton damaged by the moisture.

Product Recommendation

Calcium chloride, silica gel, clay desiccant (montmorillonite), molecular sieve, mineral desiccant (attapulgite) and composite desiccant, all these advised material could solve these problems well.


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