International Leading Manufacturer of Anti-Mould and Anti-moisture Desiccant


As a experienced supplier in this line for over 15 years
Minghui desiccant is increasingly supported by many wood product manufacturers in furniture
handicrafts and paper making due to its steady quality.

Minghui desiccant keeps the wood products in a relatively dry environment and avoid the hazards of humid air
to achieve the purpose of moisture-proof, corrosion-proof.

The Problems Faced on Furniture

Product Challenges

The Sofas and other soft furniture use a lot of sponges. If the air humidity in the production area is too high, the sponges will easily absorb a lot of water vapor, and then release it into the packaging during transportation, which will cause mold to grow and the metal to rust.

Issues inccured on furniture

The surface of the sofa is damp in humid season, which breeds harmful substances such as mold.

Recommended Scheme

Put the Minghui SUPER ABSORB desiccant bag in whole sets of sofas packing  to get the moisture effectively absorbed.

Product Recommendation

It has a steady effect of drying and anti-mildew. Especially the calcium chloride desiccant,silica gel desiccant, mineral desiccant etc.


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