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Bamboo Charcoal Desiccant in Packets of Air Purifier Bags

Material: 100% nature bamboo charcoal or coconut active carbon Weight: 100g / 200g / 300g / 500g or custom MOQ: 1 carton to start

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The air quality in your home is worse than outdoors. We all need fresh air; it has been proven that fresh air can provide you with more energy.

Our bag does not produce any odor to cover up the odor. Due to its high-porosity special carbon activated bamboo charcoal, it has an advantage over the simple charcoal bags on the market. So what is its actual working principle? As long as the air passes through the gas hole, the harmful particles in the air will be trapped on its surface, and only purified air passes through it.

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Moisture Absorption

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The bamboo charcoal air purifying bag improves the smell of your home or car with the Poweradd Air Purifier Bag. With this convenient item, you can take preventative measures to keep unpleasant odors at bay. With the help of these bamboo charcoal air purifier bags, stuffy air is no longer a problem. Each bundle helps you maintain a fresh environment. These activated carbon bags are ideal for placing around the home or in vehicles. They're made with 100 percent natural bamboo charcoal.


  • 100% natural bamboo charcoal
  • Purifies the air and removes the odor
  • Radiation protection around computers
  • Safe, harmless and non-polluting
  • Beneficial to human health
  • Anion action and far-infrared effect
  • Package includes 4 bigger charcoal bags and 4 smaller charcoal bags
  • Suitable for use around the home and vehicles
  • Easy-to-use activated charcoal bags in an 8-pack
  • Convenient household essentials for home, office and cars


These household essentials come in a convenient 8-pack, in two different sizes. These bags are safe to use around computers, so you can place them in your home office. Every inch of your home can benefit from this natural product. For a simple and easy-to-use solution, try the Poweradd Air Purifier Bag and breathe deeply.


Also custom weight and size would be available.



 Breathe deeply and relish in clean air filtered by MINGHUI Nature Green air purifying drying bag! The bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags Odor Absorber Nature Fresh Bag - Kid & Pet Friendly Air Fresheners Odor Eliminator Deodorizer for Home/Car/Closet/Pet





Inside Car

Harmful Environment


Product Name Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bag
Specification 100g / 200g / 300g / 500g / OEM
Material Bamboo Charcoal / CoCo Nut Shell / Anthracite
Purity 99.6%
Function Eliminating Bad Odors, Dehumidifier, Harmful Gas etc 
Application Car, Wardrobe, Refrigerator, Closet, Toilet, office, etc 
Life Time Lasts up to 2 years- reuse it under sunlight around 1 hour once a month 
Certification ROHS, REACH, DMF, ISO9001, ISO14001

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