International Leading Manufacturer of Anti-Mould and Anti-moisture Desiccant

Company Detail Introduction

Breif Introduction

Located in ShenZhen City, GuangDong Province, Minghui Technology acts as a experienced leading manufacture for over 15 years. It's committed to R&D & sell silica gel desiccant, container desiccant, calcium chloride desiccant, anti-mould sticker, air purifying deodorant bag etc, which consistantly provide professional moisture proof and anti-mold solutions to many industries.

Equipped with advanced automatic machine and strict quality control system throughout the material to packing to ensure the stable and excellent quality to win high reputation among customers in both domestic and abroad.

Minghui Technology has successfully passed ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001:2015.All products are complied with ROHS, DMF, REACH regulations and other environmental protection requirements. Founded in 2008 and own 100+ stuff members, covering a square of 6,400 sq.m. 

After more than 15 years of development, a large-scale industrial pattern of "professional development and large-scale development" has gradually formed.
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We have more than 2,000 customer groups.


Exported to Europe / America / Southeast Asia etc.


Our monthly capacity is approximately 60,000,000 pieces.


We have more than 100 factory members.


Our factory covering area 6,400 sq.m.

Company Culture

The company adheres to the "technology, innovation, quality, service and win-win" business philosophy at the beginning of its business.

Company Philosophy

The quality is first; the value is leading, good quality could occupy the market.

Company Vision

To build Minghui Enterprise into a world-class supplier of home furnishing products and environmentally friendly space for you to create a beautiful earth.

Company History































In 2008,Minghui Technology Co., Ltd.,was founded in 2008, specializing in the production and sales of moisture-proof, mildew proof and fresh-keeping products.

In 2009, the company successfully entered the B2B network platform. In the same year, the company's products obtained SGS, environmental protection testing RoHS, REACH standards and various reports.

In 2010, with the continuous efforts of the company's employees, as the company's business volume continues to rise, the company has set up a sales office in Dongguan & HongKong to meet the needs of the market.

In 2011, with the development of online e-commerce, the company successfully established a cooperation platform with Baidu and Alibaba, and created an online sales channel.

In 2012, Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully registered in Shenzhen (previous name: Shenzhen Minghui Packaging Products Factory) and was approved by the state as a general taxpayer enterprise.

In 2013, Shenzhen Minghui Antibacterial Technology Co., Ltd. had its own anti-mildew and antibacterial brand and successfully registered its brand trademark as "WIT" which includes anti-mildew and moisture-proof products.

In 2014, we added calcium chloride desiccant production workshops and diversified products to cater for the market demand.

In 2015, we obtained ISO quality system certification and environmental system certification. In the same year, the brand Minghui was successfully registered in both Chinese and English.

In 2016, the business volume continued to rise, production scale doubled &high-quality suppliers. And highly recognized by customers in both overseas and domestic market.

In 2017, with the demands of the global market, Minghui Company served the world, and successfully established cooperation with Google and Alibaba to develop foreign trade sales channels and achieved excellent results.

In 2018, the company added a deoxidizer production workshop and obtained food-related certificates.

In 2019, Minghui obtained AAA-level credit enterprise and related certificates. In the same year, it increased the printing production line to meet the delivery and customer needs.

In 2020, with the increase of the company's business, the company's production base will increase from the original 3000 square meters to 8000 square meters, and a third-party company (TUV) will obtain relevant qualifications. And opened Super Factory membership in Alibaba.

In 2021, to advocate low-carbon environmental protection, the company optimizes production line production equipment, and all production workshops are upgraded from semi-automatic and semi-manual equipment to fully automatic,which has increased production capacity and product stability.

2022. Continue to work hard......

Workshop Picture Display

We relocated to below address in 2020, with bigger workshop(8800 ㎡) and more up-to-date production lines(100+ machines), we achieved $20 million turnover in 2021, thanks for our customers support, we will keep providing best service for you!


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