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Desiccant is a substance that extracts and absorbs moisture. small desiccant bags refer to packing the desiccant into a small bag according to the packaging size required by the customer. Usually the specifications of small desiccant bags include:1g 2g 3g 5g 10g; etc.

Minghui Technology acts as a professional desiccant bags manufacturer and supplier for over 15 years. It's committed to R&D & sell silica gel desiccant bags, container desiccant bags, calcium chloride desiccant packages, anti-mould sticker, air purifying deodorant bag etc, which consistantly provide professional moisture proof and anti-mold solutions to many industries.

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Minghui as a professional supplier and manufacturer of desiccant plastic bags and small desiccant bags ,who is committed to the research and development of various desiccant bags. Welcome to contact us.

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