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Anti Mold Sticker For Shoes Box

Minghui Anti-Mold Chips | Stickers. Made from a food additive of edible mustard oil, the active anti-mold agents, released from Minghui anti-mold chips | stickers, volatilize and completely surround the protected objects in their package without dead corners, which will inhibit or eradicate the growth of molds.

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Anti-Mold Sticker is made of many kinds of natural plant essence, extracted by way of biotechnology and unique fermentation technology as well as the special formula. Then modulation from various natural plant essential oil. This product is applied to food grade, save and green initiative, heavy metal-free, DMF free. Can be applied on the Package of Shoes, Handbag, Food, Medicinal, Materials, Leather, Textile, Furniture, Toy, Electron, etc


Where do anti-mold stickers go on shoes?

Most important of all, Anti-Mold Sticker already pre-registered in REACH. Shoes/ Toy/ Leather/ Textile/ Garment etc. Dry place and keep away from Sunlight.


How do I use Minghui Anti-Mold Stickers?

Open the foil package and remove the Minghui Anti-Mold Stickers.

At time of final packing place one or more pieces of Minghui Anti-Mold Stickers in packaging.

The packaging should be closed immediately after placing the sticker(s) in the packaging and not reopened prior to shipment.


Model NO.

Anti mold sticker


5 x 5CM




Mold prevention and germ resistant


2000PCS in one roll; 10 rolls in one carton




Chemical Desiccant





Main supply field

Used in shoes, handbags, food, medicine, leather, textiles, furniture, toys, high-precision electronics and other products.

Suggest usage

1-2pieces for normal shoes box,3-4pieces for long boots

Use method

Put one piece or more pieces anti-mold sticker into package box in the last packaging process, Lid the package box immediately, and do not open again, anti-mold sticker hasn't been used up should be kept in aluminum foil and seal up.

Minimum Order:

10 Rolls









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