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Eco Friendly Fiber Card Desiccant Sheet For Nutraceutical Products And Food

Fiber desiccant can be cut to all shapes and sizes: rectangles, squares, circles, and more to fit into bottle caps and modes as you need, easy to use and saves packaging space. It can be used for nutraceutical products and food such as cookies and nuts.

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Product Characteristic


1. The plant fiber made of wood and cotton pulp is a hygroscopic substrate, which is a green product;

2. The moisture absorption rate of the fiber desiccant can be customized according to customer requirements;

3. The moisture absorption performance of the fiber desiccant is superior to other desiccants in low humidity

or high humidity environment, and the saturated humidity is greater than 100%;

4, Fiber desiccant is a paper-like product, can be cut into a variety of shapes, compared with ordinary bagged

granular or powder-like desiccant products, can be unique design.



Product Application

1. Food industry, such as sea moss, dried fruit, vacuum-packed food

2. Medicine and health product

3. Pharmaceuticals

4. Electronic Industry, such as IC circuit board, semiconductor, electron appliances

5. Top grade paper materials, cultural relic, calligraphy and painting, photoelectric instrument and so on.

Custom Non-toxic Biodegradable Fiber Desiccant Card Shape


Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Fiber Card Desiccant Sheet





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