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Fiber Desiccant Card For Healthy Supplement Use

Fiber desiccant, is made of plant fiber paper, finished after leaching, drying, covering, cutting, etc several process. It a newly-developed product, has strong capability of adsorbing moisture in sealed environment. It is non-toxic and safe for medicine and food use.

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Product Characteristic

1. Natural plant fiber, 100% degradable, friendly to environment, high security to human body

2. Adsorption rate is over 70% of its weight in moisture (25℃, RH=80%), whereas that of the common silicon desiccant is only about 30%

3. Be free of space, proper to compact package. (thickness:0.5mmand 1.0mm)

4. Printable in the covered PET film

5. Freely cut the size and shape (squire or circle)

6. Adjust the adsorption capacity through the size of area or thickness

7. Stock cover is Tyvek paper, which is high strength, static resistance, acid-baise resistance, and suitable environmental protection etc.


Product Application

1. Food industry, such as sea moss, dried fruit, vacuum-packed food

2. Medicine and health product

3. Pharmaceuticals

4. Electronic Industry, such as IC circuit board, semiconductor, electron appliances

5. Top grade paper materials, cultural relic, calligraphy and painting, photoelectric instrument and so on.






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