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Mineral desiccant Best Moisture Absorber

The Mineral desiccant Best Moisture Absorber, which is formed by activation treatment of convex concave bar soil,Non toxic and harmless, Naturally decomposable, High cost performance, It has the functions of moisture absorption, moisture-proof and mildew proof.

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The Mineral desiccant Best Moisture Absorber can solve the problem of moisture , South wind, rain, humidity, etc. cause a series of qualitative changes in the product , The product will cause mildew, discoloration, oxidation, decay and corrosion.

Moisture proof


Mildew proof

Oxidation proof


Environmental protection


Environmental protection, products can be naturally decomposed

The Mineral desiccant Best Moisture Absorber is compled with EU RoHS and reach environmental protection requirements. It can be treated as general waste after using, which does not pollute the environment and can be degraded naturally.

Tested by SGS

Strictly control the product process and ensure that the raw materials are qualified

High moisture absorption

Temperature absorption rate: 15% - 20% (humidity 90%, temperature 25 ℃)

Aihua paper packaging materials

Smooth surface and good air permeability,Strong toughness and wide range of application.


This Mineral desiccant Best Moisture Absorberis widely used in food, clothing, bags, shoes and hats, medicine, baby products, collection crafts, paper products, furniture and metal products, take appropriate amount when using, The desiccant that has not been stored shall be sealed and stored. Avoid contact with air. Failure to isolate from the air will affect the effect of the next use, During transportation, avoid external package damage, Keep the transportation environment and storage environment cool and dry.


Shoes and Hats

Clothing luggage

Baby Care

Collection art



Product Name Mineral desiccant Best Moisture Absorber
Working Temperature Below 25°C
Moisture Absorption 15%-20%
Material Mineral
Weight 1g
Certification ROHS,REACH,DMF,ISO9001,ISO14001

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