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Montmorillonite Clay Desiccant Bags

Minghui montmorillonite clay desiccant bags exquisitely selected high-quality raw materials, its color is purple, white or alternate. Montmorillonite clay desiccant has the loose and porous structure, and takes strong moisture absorption activity, static dehumidification capabilities and other characteristics. It is Non-toxic, tasteless, non-corrosive, no pollution, therefore it is well known as green products or environmentally friendly desiccant. The product of montmorillonite clay desiccant bags with Chinese military standard of GJB 2714-96 and American military standard of MIL-D-3464E.

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Clay Desiccant Bags Feature:

1. Natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly desiccant

2. Comply with American military standard of MIL-D-3464E

3. Used for package industry, military products, electronic products, etc

4. High quality, customized available

5. Free samples can be offered


Advantage of Montmorillonite Clay Desiccant Bags:

1.Clay Desiccant is environmental protection and take pure natural montmorillonite desiccant as raw material. It is dry and activated, without any additives and solubles. It is a non-corrosive, non-toxic, pollution-free green product. It can be used as general waste. After use, the material can be treated without polluting the environment and can be naturally degraded.

2. Strong adaptability. The moisture absorption performance can be kept stable under various temperature conditions.

3. Clay Desiccant has strong moisture-proof ability, good moisture absorption performance, saturated moisture absorption rate of more than 50% of its own weight, 1.5 times that of traditional desiccant.


Montmorillonite Clay Desiccant Bags Application:

Widely used in semiconductors, electronic components, metal products, military products, precision instruments and other fields.


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