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Hanging Shipping Container Desiccant For Storage Facilities

1. Size: 5,00g-2,000g 2. Raw Material: Anhydrous calcium chloride + Starch 3. Packing: Non-Woven fabric or dupont paper

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Hanging Shipping Container Desiccant For Storage Facilities



Minghui Shipping Container Desiccant is defintely an economic solution for protecting all storage facilities from damaged by moisture, based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air.


Designed to occupy minimal space with full functionality. Offers efficient protection during the period of storage.




Name Hanging Shipping Container Desiccant For Storage Facilities
Material Anhydrous calcium chloride + Starch
Usage Moisture absorption
Period of validity  1-2 years
Feature Powder turn into gel after absorbing moisture
Effective period Until absorb about 200% moisture of its weight
Packing Non-woven fabric


What conditions must the container desiccant meet?


1) High moisture absorption rate and fast moisture absorption rate: more than 200%

2) long-lasting performance and efficiency:60-90 days

3) wide application of temperature:-5℃-90℃

4) Safe and reliable, no leakage risk:

5) Must comply with environmental protection requirements:


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