Container desiccant blankets

Container desiccant blanket provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of container moisture. Container desiccant blankets can create a dry environment inside the container, which can effectively absorb moisture . Desiccant blankets are available for a variety of dry or wet cargoes in bulk or packaged. Another function of the desiccant blanket is to regulate the dew point, the dew point temperature is controlled below the actual temperature to prevent mildew and corrosion.


Container desiccant blanket's main desiccant material is calcium chloride containing starch and gelling agent. Container desiccant, blankets design, hygroscopic base material, net weight 1000 g, thickness only within 15mm. Container desiccant blankets adopt unique high hygroscopic desiccant formula, and the moisture absorption capacity can reach 200%-300% in 30 days, and the continuous moisture absorption can last for 60 days, and the saturation moisture absorption rate can reach 300%. Desiccant blankets can continuously reduce the relative humidity, suitable for bulk goods such as soybeans, grains and other agricultural products, and protect the goods throughout the voyage. Container  desiccant blankets can be covered on the goods like a blanket.



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Green environmental protection material. The primary desiccant material for the desiccant blanket is calcium chloride with starch and gelling agent.


Packed with double pack bag: PET paper +TYVEK (inside), non-woven bag (outside). PET paper ensures that the moisture cannot escape below, achieves maximum economic benefits of desiccant blankets.


The moisture absorption rate of the desiccant blanket reaches 280%, which fully ensures that the goods are free from moisture.


The interior consists of 1.5 kg * 6 bags of desiccant, which can ensure that the desiccant blankets can fully absorb moisture from multiple directions.

Desiccant blanket is also a desiccant designed to provide effective humidity control for tightly packed containers. Usually desiccant blankets are used between cargo and container, where there is no space to hang desiccant products. The size of desiccant blanket is 500mmx1500mm, and it can absorb moisture continuously for 60 days.

Instructions for use of desiccant blankets

  1. Seal all the air vents inside the container to stop the continuous flow of air from outside into the container.
  2. The desiccant blankets are placed between the container and the cargo according to the specifications of the container and the cargo. (Please be sure to place sufficient amount of desiccant blankets)
  3. After the desiccant blankets are placed, the goods are loaded into the container as soon as possible.
  4. Close the container door as soon as possible after loading the cargo.


Calcium chloride drying strips are widely used in containers, warehouses, household goods, trucks, containers, hardware 、electronics 、Soybean、 grain and other crops , etc. Similarly, desiccant blankets can be used in both of these industries.




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