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Cargo Dry Shipping Container Desiccant

Container desiccant provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of container moisture. Create a dry environment inside the container, which can effectively absorb moisture . The dew point temperature is controlled below the actual temperature to prevent mildew and corrosion. Dew point refers to the temperature when water vapor condenses on the inner wall of the container and the surface of the goods to form "container rain"

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Cargo Dry Shipping Container Desiccant


Minghui Shipping Container Desiccant is a patented solution, based on the proven ability of calcium chloride to aggressively remove moisture from the air.

Designed to occupy minimal space with full functionality. Offers efficient protection for long shipments.


Name Cargo Dry Shipping Container Desiccant
Material Calcium chloride desiccant
Usage Moisture absorption
Period of validity  1-2 years
Feature Powder turn into gel after absorbing moisture
Effective period Until absorb about 200% moisture of its weight
Packing Non-woven fabric


What conditions must the container desiccant meet?

1) High moisture absorption rate and fast moisture absorption rate: more than 200%

2) long-lasting performance and efficiency:60-90 days

3) wide application of temperature:-5℃-90℃

4) Safe and reliable, no leakage risk:

5) Must comply with environmental protection requirements:


At present, Europe, the United States and the world are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection requirements of imported goods. The desiccant as a packaging auxiliary must meet all environmental requirements in order to meet the needs of export goods. Such as: meet ROHS and REACH requirements, do not contain DMF, can be treated as general waste.



















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