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Why Are Clothes Easy To Get Mold?

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Many people have such troubles that white and clean shirts suddenly get many black spots, and some clothes even have a musty smell, local deterioration, and the surface color is dark and tarnished.In the rainy season, this phenomenon is even more serious.

Why are clothes easy to get mold? The main reasons are as follows.

Mold is the main cause of moldy clothing, and the root cause of mold reproduction is the humid environment.

The geographical environment of our country is characterized by high humidity and high temperature in the south, which provide an environment for the growth of mold.

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The main materials of clothing are generally cotton and linen, leather, silk, woolen, chemical fiber, etc., which have high moisture content and are easy to absorb water.

For example, leather products are very susceptible to mold growth. The moisture content of leather is generally above 14%, and even as high as 18%. When the moisture content exceeds 12%, there is a risk of mold.

Dirty clothing is another cause of mold.

If the oil stains, sweat stains on the clothes are not cleaned, it is easy to cause the growth of bacteria.

Improper storage method.

Clothes are especially prone to mildew if they are washed and stored before they get completely dry. The basic requirement for clothing storage is a ventilated and dry environment and avoiding sunlight exposure. Clothing of different materials has different storage methods. When the clothes are ready to be stored, the necklines, cuffs, fronts and other easily contaminated places of the clothes should be wiped clean with water or alcohol solution, and the clothes need to be fully dried before stacking. If mildew spots grow on leather clothes, use a towel dipped in soapy water or wash the clothes to wipe clean, rinse with clean water, and dry thoroughly before applying jacket oil. Places where clothes are stored, such as cabinets, storage boxes, etc., also need to be checked. When the weather is good, open the wardrobe door to clean it and make it dry. There are actually a lot of molds in the corners of the wardrobe. Be sure to clean them up. Please keep the wardrobe dry and ventilated. Rainy season in the south is the most prone to mold. Purchase desiccants with good moisture absorption properties in advance, such as Minghui desiccant bags, and put them in the locker. Do not underestimate the role of desiccants. These inconspicuous little objects can well protect items from moisture and mildew.

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And for those manufacturers who export clothing. If you do not pay attention to moisture protection during transportation, it is likely to cause huge losses.

After the finished garments are packaged, they are put into cartons and then shipped in containers. In the process of ocean transportation, the temperature and humidity inside the container change drastically. The excess water vapor will condense and drip along the container wall or directly onto the goods, forming container rain, which greatly increases the risk of damp and moldy products. Therefore, it is necessary to take precautionary measures in advance. Putting desiccant bags inside the cartons or plastic bags, and hanging 8 to 12 pieces of container desiccants on the container wall can effectively prevent the product from becoming damp and mildew.

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