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What Are The Steps For The Use Of Container Desiccants?

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Before we have introduced the basic knowledge of container desiccants. You may have a preliminary understanding of this product. Today we will introduce the steps on how to use it.

Inspect the container

Before using container desiccant, inspect the container, ensuring that:

1. It is free from damage: no holes, gaps in the floor, walls or ceiling, etc.

2. It is clean and dry.

3. Check the moisture content of the container floor, best keep it below 18%, and do not exceed 25%. If possible, do not use a container with a moisture value of more than 20%. If it cannot be changed, you need to increase the amount of desiccant on the original recommended amount to ensure the safety of the goods.

  • For floors exceeding 20% moisture content add 1 pc 1kg desiccant for each 1.5%.
  • For ramie cotton fabric or other products exceeding 18% moisture, add 1 pc 1kg desiccant for each 1.5%.
  • For grass rattan fabric, palm products or other high moisture content products, add 2pcs 1kg desiccant for each 1.5%.

Hanging position

Place the container desiccant on the safety hook on the inner wall of the container. Please check the below picture. 

container desiccant

Detailed steps

  • Seal air vents, make sure the desiccant is in sealed condition.
  • Take the desiccant out of the package, and make sure it is useful.
  • Place the desiccant on the safety hook on the inner wall of the container, and stick the lower end of the desiccant to the inner wall with tape. 
  • Keep loading time short after hanging the desiccant.
  • Seal the door as soon as possible.

If there is no space between the container wall and the cargo to place the desiccant, we can place the drying stick or drying bag horizontal on the cargo. Because the desiccant absorbs water and moisture, the drying bag will increase in volume after moisture absorption, so appropriate space is required. Therefore, it is not possible to place objects on the desiccant to compress the drying bag.

Do you need to purchase container desiccants?

Above are the steps to use the container desiccants. If you are searching for the supply of container desiccants, you are in the right place.

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