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Why are agricultural products such as grain susceptible to damp, mildew and rot during container shipping?

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Why are agricultural products such as grain susceptible to damp, mildew and rot during container shipping?


So how can agricultural products that are susceptible to moisture be protected from moisture during export shipping storage?

Compared with ordinary industrial products, agricultural products are more susceptible to moisture and affect their quality. The main reasons are as follows: On the one hand, because agricultural products are often harvested from the planting area and shipped quickly, the agricultural products are too late to be dried effectively, which causes the shipped agricultural products to contain extreme High moisture. During transportation, the moisture in agricultural products evaporates into the air, which greatly increases the air humidity in the storage and transportation environment. On the other hand, in the process of container shipping, the container is a relatively sealed environment, the moisture in the container is difficult to dissipate, and the shipping time may be as long as ten and a half months, resulting in a long-term high-humidity environment for agricultural products. Under the environment, agricultural products that are rich in organic ingredients are prone to mold, and some grains may even ferment or sprout. At the same time, the storage environment during container shipping is more complicated than storage in land warehouses. The oceanic climate characteristics of high temperature and humidity and huge temperature difference changes will cause container condensation problems, such as container rain and cargo. Problems such as sweating can also increase the moisture content of food.

In the face of the above-mentioned problems, we suggest that the transportation of agricultural products should be protected from moisture and mildew from the following aspects. First, control the moisture content of agricultural products from the source, increase the inspection of the moisture content of agricultural products, and ensure that the moisture content of agricultural products shipped is controlled at a low level. Second, when shipping agricultural products, use an appropriate amount of desiccant. Qianba desiccant is a highly hygroscopic, non-toxic and environmentally friendly desiccant, which can be used for the transportation of grain and other agricultural products. Qianba desiccant can effectively absorb the excess water vapor in the container and lower the relative humidity of the air in the container, thereby protecting agricultural products from moisture.


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