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What is rust and how to protect cargo from rusting?

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The corrosion process of steel products is a series of complex chemical reaction processes. Steel is composed of elements such as iron and carbon. Iron reacts chemically with oxygen and water in the air to be corroded. Rust not only affects the quality of steel products but also affects welding, painting and other process operations. In addition, the surface of rust (the main component Fe2O3·nH2O) is loose and porous, and cannot prevent the internal iron from contacting oxygen, water vapor, etc. If it is not treated in time, it will eventually cause all the steel to be corroded.


Desiccants have traditionally been used to protect electronic products over long periods of storage or shipment.  Desiccants will “suck” excess moisture out of the immediate surrounding area and keep the package relatively dry.  This method has proven to be fairly effective, but it has not kept the product corrosion-free in every case.


Container Desiccant mainly used for reducing the air humidity in container during sea transport or storage. Make sure your cargo arrives in a perfect condition when shipping.

Container during sea transport or storage. Make sure your cargo arrives in perfect condition when shipping.


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