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What Are the Applications of Desiccants?

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Desiccant is suitable for preventing moisture in instruments, electrical equipment, medicines, food, textiles and so on. Desiccant is also widely used during shipping, because items are often transported due to excessive temperature. High and thus deteriorated by moisture, at this time we need to use a desiccant that can effectively dehumidify and prevent moisture, so as to ensure the quality of the items.

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Main application areas of desiccants

First of all, the desiccants can be used in the bottled medicine industry and the food industry to prevent moisture. To ensure the dryness of the items, the most important thing is to prevent the growth of various miscellaneous molds.

Secondly, the desiccant can be used as a usual packaging desiccant to prevent moisture.

Finally, desiccants can be quickly placed in the packaging of various items (for example, defensive instruments, electronic products, food, medicine, leather, shoes, clothing and household appliances, etc.), so as to effectively prevent items from mildew or rust when exposed to moisture.


Chemisorption of desiccants

The second major aspect is chemical adsorption, the main details will be explained in the following points.

First of all, acid desiccant: concentrated sulfuric acid, and phosphorus pentoxide, used for drying acidic or neutral gases, where concentrated sulfuric acid cannot dry strong reducing acid gases such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen bromide and hydrogen iodide. Phosphorus pentoxide cannot be dried by ammonia;

The second point, neutral desiccant: calcium chloride anhydrous, usually gas can be dried, but calcium chloride anhydrous cannot be dried ammonia and ethanol;

The last third point, alkaline desiccant: soda lime, quicklime and NaOH solid can all be used to dry neutral or alkaline gas.

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