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Is It Necessary to Use Container Desiccant? How Should It Be Used?

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With the expansion of export trade, container desiccant has become popular. A small number of users feel that this is a useless product, so they will choose not to use it. So can we not use this product during transportation? Let me solve this question for you.

Here are some reasons why we should use container desiccants.

1. Because not all goods transported through containers will be damaged by moisture, some export companies do not place desiccants in containers, but if the goods are damaged by moisture, it will bring huge losses.

2. The reason why the root cause of moisture damage is not fully understood is that the problem of moisture damage to goods has not been paid enough attention because it has always been regarded as a common phenomenon.

3. From the surface of the probability of moisture damage to the goods, it seems to be random without any rules, but the process of getting wet is not accompanied by obvious physical changes, which means that the subtle differences between the goods and the transportation environment will also produce two kinds of very different results.

4. Some customers will find that the first four batches of goods are intact in the container, but the fifth batch is moldy, indicating that the goods in transit are always accompanied by the risk of moisture, even if the previous batch of The goods arrived in a safe condition.

We should pay attention when we use desiccants.

1. Put the desiccant in a sealed humid environment, about 70-80% humidity, and wipe it with a damp cloth.

2. After placing it for one month, take it out and weigh it. For example, 100 grams of desiccant will weigh 200 grams after one month, and its moisture absorption rate will be 200%. Generally, it is good to reach 100:250 or more, and 100:220 is qualified enough to deal with the moisture problem inside the container during shipping.

Container desiccant is an indispensable product in ocean transportation to reduce the moisture content of the air in the container and prevent the occurrence of container rain. We all use it in accordance with its use standards, so as to ensure the stability and quality of the product.

Because the probability of the goods getting wet is quite high, and once the goods are damp and moldy, it will bring direct economic losses. So we strongly recommend hanging several container desiccants in the export containers.

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