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How to Protect Your Cars from Moisture? What Desiccant Can Be Used?

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Dangers of humidity to your car

On wet days, many people only pay attention to the moisture-proof of products or furniture but ignore our cars. When the car is exposed to the sun and rain, it will also be corroded by moisture. Because moisture can easily invade every corner of the car, such as seats, floors, etc. When these areas are damp, it is easy to breed mold and cause odor.

Furthermore, if our car is parked in the open air for a long time, in addition to the rust and corrosion of the welding parts of the door and the body, the iron parts such as hinges and locks inside the door will also be prone to moisture and rust.

In addition, if moisture penetrates the brake fluid of the car, when the car is braking, the high temperature generated by friction will cause the water to vaporize, thereby affecting the braking effect. Of course, the electronic system of the car is also easily corroded by moisture, resulting in a short circuit or failure of the circuit.

Not only that, but the headlights of the car are also prone to moisture infiltration, causing a thick layer of aerosol to form on the lampshade. As a result, the brightness of the headlights will be reduced, and even in serious cases, the headlights will be damaged, or the illumination direction of the headlights will be changed, which will bring hidden dangers to driving safety.

From this point of view, the harm of humidity to the car should not be underestimated. It is necessary to do regular dehumidification work for the car every day, especially on rainy or humid days.

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Today, we will share with you some tips on how to prevent moisture in your car.

Turn on the air conditioner and dehumidify

In the face of rainy days or wet seasons, it is necessary to regularly turn on the air conditioner of the car, which can not only remove the fog, but also adjust the temperature of the car, and effectively remove the moisture in the car.

Dehumidify by sun drying

When the weather is good, you can drive the car to a place where you can get sunlight, and then open the door and trunk lid of the car, which can quickly discharge the accumulated water vapor in the car. In addition, the carpets and seat cushions inside the car need to be cleaned and aired regularly.

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Desiccant application is essential

Of course, if you want to help the car to remove the accumulated moisture more efficiently, the application of desiccant is the best choice. For example, some activated carbon charcoal deodorant can be placed in the car to avoid mildew in the car. Minghui provides you with professional activated carbon bags.

In addition to the above desiccants, magnesium chloride desiccant can also be used for the moisture absorption of automobile lamps. Magnesium chloride is used as the raw material. Its chemical properties are stable, the absorption performance is balanced, and after moisture absorption, it becomes solid and no liquid water seeps on the surface, widely used in automobile headlights, automobile engines, daily hardware, security equipment, mechanical equipment and other equipment that need moisture-proof.

In conclusion

In short, if you want to keep your car away from moisture-proof problems, it is necessary to take moisture-proof measures. The above methods are worth referring to, especially the correct application of desiccant to make your car last longer. For more information about activated carbon bags, please contact us directly.


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