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How important it is that oxygen absorber to food

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Today we are going to share with you the importance of removing moisture and oxygen during food storage.

The main factor cause food spoilage is moisture. The more water a food contains, the more susceptible it is to microbial infection. So we need to reduce the water content in the food. The most common way to extend shelf life of food is to use sugar or salt to combine with water.
Sugar and salt solutions can produce higher osmotic pressure and inhibit microbial growth. The another way is to dry it. Even high sugar substances such as honey can go bad if mixed with water. So keeping low moisture content is the key to extend food shelf life.


The another biggest reason making food go bad is the oxygen. Vacuum packaging, which is common in food packaging, is designed to reduce the presence of oxygen and stop bacteria from multiplying.


So, how do we protect food from going bad, especially for food manufactuer? The best way is to use food grade silica gel desiccant and oxygen absorbent. We usually can find 2 small bags of absorbent inside snack package or other food package. One is the moisture absorbent(It's usually silica gel desiccant.), another one is oxygen absorbent. This 2 bags play an important role in food preservation.


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