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How does silica gel work

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Silica Gel Sachets work with a wide variety of products.

Essentially Silica provides the same function as Desiccant due to it’s water vapor retention ability.

In commercial and retail markets this can prevent the build up and growth of mold on products as well as other hazards that would lead to moisture damage like condensation.

E.g. A bottle of vitamins or tablet supplements should contain a small sachet of Silica Gel as the contents is likely to be sensitive to excess moisture and humidity.

Similarly for industrial applications and electronics it prevents these moisture damages, which can result in a products becoming defect or arriving ‘not’ in factory condition.

Being a high capacity adsorbent, it is comprised of small inter-connecting pores, which attract and retain moisture through capillary condensation and adsorption. To put simply, it has a very high surface area (about 800m2/g). This allows the absorption of water, enabling it to be a desiccant. Silica is non-toxic, inert, non-inflammable, and hence an extremely safe material. It can be used to protect a variety of items such as medicines, foods and other sensitive materials. Despite trapping the moisture and retaining it, silica remains physically unchanged.


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