Small Size Drying Flower Silica Gel Powder

silica gel powder is designed for flower drying application. It could be reused and also have humidity indicating function if mix orange or blue silica gel with white silica gel powder. Size range is 0.3-0.85mm, it could be used in making dry flowers in short time.

Small Size Drying Flower Silica Gel Powder


SILICA GEL FLOWER DRYING , It is mainly to make the fresh flower to be the preserved flower, its particle size is 0.5-1.5mm, we can use blue with white or yellow with white, and this also can do as customer request by small packaging,like 500g each bottle, or bags like 25kgs/bag

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Product Feature of drying flower silica gel


Step 1: Trim stems, and pat flowers dry For the best quality, use fresh flowers. I love using flowers picked straight from my garden, but I opted to buy a seasonal bouquet from my local grocery store for this demo.

It included a mix of gerbera daisies, chrysanthemums, aster daisies, button poms (a.k.a. cushion pom mums), purple statice, and roses. I’ll admit, the finer petals on the aster daisies didn’t preserve as well as the roses or mums. We’ll get to that below.


Step 2: Pour gel into airtight container Note: Though silica gel is non-toxic, I recommend wearing a mask and using gloves when handling the product. As you pour the gel into the container, it can create fine dust that you won’t want to inhale.

To begin, pour a layer of crystals about 1.5 inches thick into your container. Then place the flowers in the container (face up) and add more crystals in and around the petals until fully covered but not submerged completely.

Small Size Drying Flower Silica Gel Powder 2


The silica gel desiccant packets is widely used in garments, electronic products and furniture, 

Drying flower silica gel 1

Drying flower silica gel

Drying flower silica gel 2

Drying flower silica gel

Drying flower silica gel 3

Drying flower silica gel


Product Name Small Size Drying Flower Silica Gel Powder
Working Temperature Below 0-60°C
Moisture Absorption 25%-30%
Material silica gel beads
Purity 99.6%
Certification ROHS, REACH, DMF, ISO9001, ISO14001
Application drying flowers



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