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ShenZhen Shipping Container Desiccant

1. Color: White powder + Starch 2. Weight: 500g /1000g / 2000g or according to customers' requirement 3. Wholesale 4. MOQ: 10 Ctn

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ShenZhen Shipping Container Desiccant Manufacture 


Product Description


Name ShenZhen Shipping Container Desiccant Manufacture 
Material Calcium chloride desiccant
Usage Moisture absorption
Period of validity  1-2 years
Feature Powder turn into gel after absorbing moisture
Effective period Until absorb about 200% moisture of its weight
Packing Non-woven fabric / Tyvek Packing


What conditions must the container desiccant meet?

1) High moisture absorption rate and fast moisture absorption rate: more than 200%

2) long-lasting performance and efficiency:60-90 days

3) wide application of temperature:-5℃-90℃

4) Safe and reliable, no leakage risk:

5) Must comply with environmental protection requirements:


At present, Europe, the United States and the world are paying more and more attention to the environmental protection requirements of imported goods. The desiccant as a packaging auxiliary must meet all environmental requirements in order to meet the needs of export goods. Such as: meet ROHS and REACH requirements, do not contain DMF, can be treated as general waste.




















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