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Oxygen Absorber

Why Use Oxygen Absorber? Because food packaging bags have a certain rate of oxygen, without Oxygen Absorber, oxygen will slowly enter the packaging, thereby providing conditions for the growth of mold and aerobic bacteria, resulting in food mold, oil acid, brown oxide and vitamin loss and etc. By absorbing the oxygen(O2) in the packaging, effectively inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria and mold. Prevent from mildew, lipid oxidation, insects, aging, discoloration, rust.Thus greatly extending the shelf life of foods.

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In order to choose the right size of Oxygen Absorber, it is necessary to calculate two datas (1) the volume of oxygen in the food package (2) the amount of oxygen permeable into the food package during the shelf life. Finally, according to the amount of oxygen absorption of Oxygen Absorber, we can choose the right size.

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Moisture Absorption

Continuous Moisture Absorption

Double Packing

Health & Environmental Protection

Widely Used


Keep food fresh

Only absorb oxygen and not moisture or air, can used for cakes and breads, keep them fresh.

3-layer Packing

With 3-layers of composite film, use the micro-punching technology,the oxygen absorber packet is solid, breathable,no leakage.


Tested by professional 3rd lab, maximum oxygen absorption can reach 8 times(China standard is 3 times).

Wide application

Widely used in Chinese and Western cakes, poultry meat food, nuts and seeds food, aquatic dry good, other mountain foods, medicine health care products, animal feed, and other non-food products.


It is widely used in Chinese and Western cakes,poultry meat food,nuts and seeds food,aquatic dry food,other mountain foods, medicine health products,animal feed and other non-food products.


Dry seafood

Moon cake


Chinese medicinal materials



Working Temperature Below 5-40°C
Shelf life The shelf life of unopened packaging is 1 Years
Functions Absorbing oxygen to preserve food
Materials Iron Powder, Activated Carbon, perlite,salt, water
Certification ROHS, REACH, DMF, ISO9001, ISO14001

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