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Orange indicator silica gel desiccant pack

Orange indicator silica gel desiccant is a further improved silica gel desiccant, which contains indicator, which can show the degree of hygroscopicity through color change, and has the effect of deodorization and deodorization. Usually used for items sensitive to humidity and odor, such as cosmetics, clothing, etc. When in use, the color of the indicator gradually becomes darker, indicating that the degree of moisture absorption increases, and when it turns dark orange or red, it indicates that it has reached a saturated state and needs to be replaced or dried for reuse. Orange indicates that the silica gel desiccant can be dried and reused in a microwave oven, in the sun or in an oven.

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product description

Small packet of desiccant 1-10g The transparent plastic packet is a highly active absorbent that can absorb more than 40% of its weight in water.

It has stable chemical properties and does not react with any substance except alkali and hydrogen acid, which determines that it has many characteristics that cannot be replaced by other materials, such as strong energy absorption, non-toxic, odorless, and environmental protection. Friendly. 



environmental protection





Product Feature

The Small Package Desiccant 1-10g Silica PacketFast and extra absorbent silica gel.Provides superior adsorption. Silica gel can absorb approximately 40% of its weight.It has a good lock water capacity, it won't be leaking after absorbing. 


Chemical Character

1.Silica Gel Desiccant is a kind of odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, high activity absorption material with strong adsorption capacity.

2.It has a stable chemical property and never reacts with any substances except the Alkai and Hydrofluoric acid, safe to be used with foods and pharmaceuticals.

3.Silica Gel Desiccant whisks away moisture to create aprotercyive environment of dryair for safe storage.


Silica gel packets are compact, extremely durable, non-dusting sorbent packets which take up little space in packaging, yet have high moisture adsorbing capacity. OUKPAK silica gel packets are offered with a variety of package materials and sizes to meet specific packaging needs. Product application in food,Pet Foods, Electronics,Medical Appliance, Vitamins,Documents and Paper storage,Leather Goods Others,in order to keep the articles from damp, mildew or rust corrosion.

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Raw Material 1-3mm  2-4mm silica gel beads
Packaging  material Composite paper, Cotton paper, Non woven paper, Aiwa paper, Tyvek paper, filter paper, etc.
Packaging Type Back seal, Three sides seal, Four sides seal, Eyemark can be printed. Continuous strip is available
Function Moisture absorption, humidity remove, shelf life extension
Feature Non-toxic, eco-friendly, DMF free, . approval, MSDS available

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