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300CC Food Grade Industrial And Household Deoxidizer

Deoxidizer in food can absorb oxygen and slow down food oxidation , It is sealed and packaged with food in food bags. It can remove the oxygen remaining in the air in the bag. It can not only prevent food from discoloration, deterioration and oil rancidity due to oxidation, but also inhibit the growth of molds, aerobic bacteria and grain pests. At present, deoxidizer is not only used to maintain food quality, but also used for the preservation and rust prevention of Cereals, feed, drugs, clothing, fur, precision instruments and so on.

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Deoxidizer is also known as deoxidizer and oxygen getter, It is an additive that can absorb oxygen and slow down the oxidation of food, It is a new product being used in food preservation.

Anti oxidation

Anti discoloration

Anti pest

Anti mildew


Efficient bacterial protection


Completely deoxidized, which can quickly reduce the oxygen concentration in the packaging bag to less than 0.01% in a short time


Maintain anaerobic state for a long time.


It can be used for powder and liquid food.


It is separated from food and does not enter the body with food intake. It can be used safely and is very safe.


It can be used for powder and liquid food.


Appropriate price, small size, easy to use and other advantages, easy to popularize.


Oxygen is one of the important factors causing food deterioration,Therefore, it is of great practical significance to remove oxygen from packaging ,Through chemical reaction, the oxygen in the closed container is removed in a short time, so that the food is in an anaerobic state (O² concentration below 0.01%),Effectively control the growth of bacteria, molds and other microorganisms ,Prevent oil oxidation, so as to effectively maintain the color, aroma and taste of food, prevent vitamins and other nutrients from being oxidized and damaged, and prolong the shelf life of food,Food deoxidizers are widely used in all kinds of food, medical and health products, precision instruments, military products, books, cultural relics, tobacco, animal feed and other fields.


Health products

Military products



Precision instrument


Packing quantity 1500 packets / box
Adsorption capacity 99
Material Science Iron powder
Effective substance content 99
PH value 5-7

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