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Why You Should Use Container Desiccants?

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What are container desiccants? 

Container desiccant is a type of shipping material that’s used to prevent humidity and water damage to cargo. This type of damage is especially prevalent during sea freight transportation. 

Container desiccants generally come in the form of desiccant bags filled with powdered or flake calcium chloride that effectively absorb moisture that may form within a shipping container. This build up of moisture is often referred to as “container rain.” 

Container rain happens when the moisture in the air condenses in the cooler areas of the shipping container. When it starts to accumulate, droplets may fall and cause a raining sensation. Container rain is especially prevalent when containers are loaded near the ocean, where the air tends to be more humid. Although it’s more common in sea freight, it is important to note that moisture buildup can also occur during air and land transportation.

This exposure to moisture can be extremely damaging to the contents of your shipping container and may result in value depreciation or rejection of your shipment. Shipping container desiccants are safe to use with a variety of products, including food, pharmaceuticals, electronics, household goods, machinery, auto parts, and more.

As you can see, the potential for cargo damage is extremely high and, as a result, very costly. However, cargo desiccants can help target moisture exposure at the source and minimize its risk.

container desiccants

The advantages of the container desiccant are introduced as follows:

Safe and non-toxic

The container desiccant complies with international standards, and the raw materials used are in full compliance with FDA, EPA, EFSA and other requirements. No DMF is included, and the container can be exported to any country. The common silica gel desiccant contains DMF and is banned by the European Union.

Anti-leakage technology

It is suitable for the moisture-proof export of the goods in the container. It needs to adopt anti-leakage technology. All products are double-packaged with composite film and non-woven fabric. Patented hygroscopic materials and packaging materials prevent the possibility of leakage.

Higher moisture absorption capacity

Compared with ordinary desiccants, container desiccants have a moisture absorption capacity of over 300%, and can absorb moisture continuously for up to 90 days, which can meet the safety and dryness of container transportation and reach any port in the world.

The evaporation rate is low

The desiccant used to prevent moisture in the container should also have a low evaporation rate to avoid the moisture absorbed by the desiccant in a relatively closed space like the container from evaporating into the container again, causing damage to the cargo. Sub-humid pollution.

Easy to operate

The desiccant is very simple and convenient to use, does not require professional operation and protective equipment, and the waste can be directly discarded as general waste after use.

container desiccants

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