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Why montmorillonite desiccant is great choice for electronic products?

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Reasons for the use of Minghui montmorillonite desiccant in electronic products:

Nowadays, electronic components are developing towards miniaturization, and packaging is also gradually developing towards cheapening. General electronic components are plastic package. However, the disadvantage of plastic packaging is that the moist gas will enter the interior of the device through the packaging material and the joint surface of the components, which will cause the internal circuit to oxidize, corrode, and short-circuit on the one hand.

On the other hand, the high temperature during the assembly and soldering of electronic components will cause the moist gas entering the IC to be thermally expanded to generate enough pressure to cause separation (delamination), wire bonding damage, chip damage, and internal cracks. More severe cracks can extend to the surface of the component, causing the component to bulge and burst. According to statistics, more than 1/4 of the defective products and scrapped products produced by the electronic industry and other industrial manufacturing industries in the world are caused by humid air every year.

Finished electronic components are also exposed to moisture hazards during storage. The production and storage environment humidity of electronic industrial products should be below 40%. Some varieties of electronic components require even lower humidity. Therefore, desiccant is essential in the packaging of electronic components. Montmorillonite desiccant is a good helper for electronic products to prevent moisture. The moisture absorption rate is higher than that of silica gel in low humidity environment. Can better protect your electronic products.

We all know that electronic products cannot be affected by moisture at all, but this natural environment factor is not easy to control. It is very important to remove moisture. There are many types of Shenzhen Minghui desiccants. In order to meet the protection needs of electronic products, Most of the montmorillonite desiccants are a very good one.



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