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Why do car headlights have fog formation?

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Key Specifications/Special Features:

Fog lamp desiccant is a new, safe, moisture-proof and dehumidifying product developed by specially for the atomization of automobile headlights. This product is made of adsorbent, packing material, paper, accessories, installation and so on through a series of processes, with hygroscopic ability and durability, can make the environmental humidity quickly down to the ideal humidity, prevent car headlights atomization, thus prolongs the service life of headlights.


Car headlights fog formation of the main reasons:

1, the lights in a high humidity and high-temperature environment, the light inside the air humidity is bigger, when the environment temperature decrease, water vapor does not fully flow in a lamp to spread to the environment, still maintain high humidity, when in some area of the lamp when the temperature is lower than the local water vapor critical temperature, the fogging.

2. The temperature in the area of light energy irradiation and air circulation is very high, while the light in the lamp can not illuminate the area, and the temperature in the area of poor air flow will be very low, which causes the uneven temperature distribution in the lamp and forms a large temperature difference; Especially in the lamp cavity, because of its uneven surface, it provides a very favorable place for water vapor condensation.



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