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What Are The Types Of Environmentally Friendly Desiccants

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The news that Japan claims to discharge nuclear sewage into the sea has made people all over the world panic. After all, the marine environment and ecological environment will affect the global environment. In fact, the news of Japan's nuclear sewage entering the sea can cause such a big reaction because everyone's environmental protection awareness is slowly awakening. People from all walks of life are more inclined to environmentally friendly products when purchasing products, even desiccants are no exception. So, what types of environmentally friendly desiccants are there?


Silica gel desiccant

The main component of silica gel desiccant is silicon dioxide, which is a highly active absorbing material. It is refined and processed into granules or beads from natural minerals. It is an environmentally friendly desiccant. The chemical composition and physical structure of the glue determine that it has the characteristics that other similar materials are difficult to replace. The characteristics of high adsorption, high stability, and stable chemical properties are advantages that many other desiccants do not have. It is a typical environmentally-friendly desiccant.


Silica gel desiccant


Montmorillonite clay desiccant

The appearance of the clay desiccant is in the form of a small gray ball, suitable for the environment below 50℃, and the moisture absorption effect is excellent in the environment below 50℃, and the clay desiccant is non-toxic and tasteless, very environmentally friendly, and also an excellent environmental protection desiccant. But it should be noted that in the environment above 50℃, the "bleeding" is more advantageous than "adsorption", so the environment above 50℃ is not suitable for the use of clay desiccant.


Montmorillonite clay desiccant


Active mineral desiccant

It is refined from pure natural raw material minerals and active hygroscopic agent. The product has good adsorption performance at room temperature and general humidity, and has the functions of adsorption activity, static dehumidification and odor removal. Compared with other types of desiccants on the market, it not only has a fast adsorption speed, but also has a high adsorption capacity and is non-toxic, odorless, non-contact corrosive, and non-environmental pollution. It is especially used in food packaging and is harmless to the human body.


Active mineral desiccant


Are they really environmentally friendly?

What are mentioned above are environmentally friendly desiccants, which mean that they can be truly safe and non-toxic in use, and they will not have any negative impact on the product during the process. Although this is easy to say, there are also some brands in the entire industry that cannot realize it. Many of them have no strength in production, or the materials are reduced, etc., and ultimately fail to achieve real environmental protection, so users should choose some high-end products and reputable brand.


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