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What Are the Hazards of Eating Desiccant by Mistake? How to Deal with It?

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Desiccants are very common in our daily life. Many snacks, shoes and clothes are equipped with desiccant to prevent moisture and mildew. Usually, many people choose to throw it away, but if there are children at home, if the parents don't pay attention, they may be eaten by the children. If it is not handled properly, it will be dangerous.

1. Mistaking quicklime desiccant is the most harmful

When quicklime comes into contact with water, it will release a large amount of heat, forming calcium hydroxide with strong alkalinity, that is, slaked lime. Slaked lime can corrode the digestive tract, causing damage to the mouth, esophagus, or stomach ulcers.

If people accidentally swallow the desiccant composed of quicklime, they can be dealt with quickly according to the following methods:

1) Immediately go to the hospital emergency for treatment.

2) Do not drink water and do not induce vomiting to avoid secondary injury caused by vomiting.

Foreign literature does recommend the dilution therapy of drinking 1 to 2 cups (or 15 ml per kilogram of body weight) of water or milk, but the effect is weak, and there is a risk of aspiration caused by vomiting. So it is recommended to use this method with caution.

3) Keep the desiccant packaging bag well and provide it to the doctor in time.

After the patient seeks medical treatment, the treatment methods of the doctors are mainly symptomatic treatment, generally including ECG monitoring, fasting water (parenteral nutrition support if necessary), oral care, weak acid neutralization treatment, etc.


2. Taking calcium chloride desiccant by mistake

Calcium chloride, like quicklime, is a white substance. When calcium chloride comes into contact with water, it will also release heat, which is irritating to the gastric mucosa.

Unlike quicklime, calcium chloride does not produce strong alkaline substances when in contact with water, so it is not corrosive.

Calcium chloride may also cause hypercalcemia, and patients may experience mental lassitude, drowsiness, headache, abnormal dry mouth, metallic taste in the mouth, poor appetite, and abnormal electrocardiogram.

If people accidentally swallow calcium chloride desiccant:

For ordinary people, the treatment method is the same as taking the desiccant with quicklime by mistake;

But for doctors, if the patient has the manifestation of hypercalcemia, it is necessary to carry out targeted symptomatic treatment, such as volume expansion, diuresis, anti-bone resorption and dialysis.


3. Taking silica gel desiccant by mistake

Unlike quicklime and calcium chloride desiccants, silica gel desiccants are easier to identify.

The silica gel desiccant has a granular appearance and is a transparent ball. There will be the words "Silica gel" on the packaging bag.

Silica gel is a neutral chemical substance that will not chemically react with water, nor will it be absorbed by the body, and will eventually be excreted. Therefore, if people accidentally take silica gel desiccant, don't panic, because it generally does not affect the human body, just need to observe closely. Even if symptoms such as mouth and throat discomfort appear, they can heal on their own.

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