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Do you know how to choose desiccant for container shipping?

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Calcium chloride-based desiccants are most suitable for shipment.

Safe and environmental protection: NON-DMF, ROHS, REACH approved 

High absorption: more than 300% absorption capacity 

No leakage: double-layer packaging system, one-way moisture-proof and leak-proof design, providing full care for valuable goods.

Easy installation: Minghui calcium chloride container desiccants are sealed in separate PE bags. There will be no waste and no waste. They all have high-strength rotating hooks. Cut the environmentally friendly PE bags to hang on the top of the container. On the safety hook, it reduces the labor cost for the enterprise.

Disposal after use: Minghui desiccants are produced with environmentally-friendly materials that are recyclable and naturally degradable. They can be disposed of directly after use without any pollution problems.

Different desiccant has different usage, for silica gel desiccant, it is good choice to be used in handbags, paper carton, it is cheap and non-toxic, can be throw away after use, while for calcium chloride desiccant, it has very high absorption rate, especially for electronic products, agriculture products shipping, during shipping, temperature difference is great between day and night, this may lead to container rain, calcium chloride-based desiccant is great for this.

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