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Do Desiccants Explode When Exposed To Water?

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As we all know, many snacks will be equipped with a small packet of desiccant to prevent the food from being damp and moldy. I believe that many parents have also told their children that these desiccants are not edible. But there are crazy rumors on the Internet that food desiccant will explode when it encounters water. Is this true? So what will happen to food desiccant when it encounters water?

There are several kinds of desiccant for food, namely silica gel desiccant and mineral desiccant. Not every type of desiccant will explode when exposed to water.

1. The main component of calcium chloride desiccant is calcium oxide. When calcium oxide meets water, it will undergo a rapid chemical reaction to generate calcium hydroxide, and generate a lot of heat in an instant, causing water to become water vapor. If such a desiccant is put into a sealed plastic bottle, the water vapor will cause the bottle to expand rapidly, and the increasing pressure will cause the plastic bottle to explode.

calcium chloride desiccant

2. The mineral desiccant contains diatomite, montmorillonite and other components, which are porous mineral silicates, with a relatively large surface area and adsorption function for water, thus playing a drying role. The desiccant itself is chemically stable, it will slowly absorb water when put into water, and the heat release will not be violent.

3.The main raw material of silica gel desiccant is silica gel, which is a kind of hydrous silica with high microporous structure. It is non-toxic, tasteless, odorless, chemically stable, and has strong hygroscopic properties. It is a highly active adsorption material.

silica gel desiccant

In addition to the desiccant, an ultra-thin packaged deoxidizer is also found in some snack packaging bags such as bread, peanuts and melon seeds. Most of these deoxidizers are black powder, and the main component is reduced iron powder. The words "not edible, not microwaveable" are often marked on the outer packaging of the deoxidizer.

As a deoxidizer, iron powder mainly utilizes the chemical principle that iron powder reacts with oxygen in the air. It is worth noting that the iron powder deoxidizer cannot be heated in a microwave oven, because the iron oxide produced when the surface of the iron powder is oxidized has a very strong ability to absorb microwaves and can instantly increase the temperature to thousands of degrees Celsius.

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