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Application of Desiccants in Food Industry

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Food desiccant is widely used in daily life. After using it, it can avoid the problem of food being damp, and it can also avoid the appearance of bad products caused by the presence of extra moisture in food. The following are the main reasons why desiccant is used in food packaging.

Food desiccant

It protects the shelf life of food

Moisture in food packaging can cause mold to grow on a product. The mold will spoil the food inside the package and be harmful to your health if ingested. The common shelf life of foods is a few days. However, certain foods, like canned foods, may have longer shelf lives.

It helps deal with the outside temperature

Desiccants inside food packaging keep food protected from extreme temperatures. Without desiccants, a product’s moisture content can go up and down depending on how hot or cold it is outside and spoil the food inside.

It prevents bacterial growth

Bacterial growth can occur on food when the moisture content is too high around it, especially in areas with high humidity like grocery stores. If bacteria are allowed to grow inside the food packaging, they may get into the product and cause illness or death in consumers. Desiccants inside packaging help prevent this by keeping the products dry while they are still packed.

Food desiccant

It prevents rust

Metallic objects like cans can get rusted due to moisture. If such items are not sealed with desiccants, rust can appear much sooner than it should. If a producer or seller has products that have been around for a long time, there’s still a chance that they could have some moisture in them, leading to rusting. Desiccants keep this from happening!

It helps maintain the flavor of a product

When food is exposed to moisture, this can cause it to lose some of its original flavors. Desiccants used in packaging help keep food from losing its original taste.

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