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What Are the Characteristics of Anti-mould sticker

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Anti-mould Sticker

Product Overview:

Huawin green anti-mould atickers, stable chemical properties, balanced moisture absorption, effectively prevent leather mildew, shoes moldy, bags moldy and other problems!

Product features: support customization, anti-mildew and moisture-proof, wide range of applications, stable performance

Warm reminder: 1 please store in a place where it is dry, ventilated

2 low temperature and away from the source of fire

3 keep out of reach of children

Why use anti-mould sticker?

Leather, textile and other products are prone to damp and mildew in the process of storage, transportation and use, resulting in the loss of value and heavy losses.


Product Parameter

item:anti-mould sticker

Product Raw Material:LDPE

Product Size: 125pxX62.5px (customizable LOGO from 100000 pieces)

Packing Specification:2000 pieces / roll, aluminum foil bag packing, 10 rolls/carton

Product Use:it is suitable for mildew and moisture protection of leather, textiles, works of art, packaging boxes, optics and electronics, etc.

Product Dosage:the quantity of anti-mould stickers should be adjusted according to different occasions. In general, 1-2 pieces of shoebox are recommended.

Shelf Life: 12 months under sealed storage


Product Introduction

Minghui anti-mould stickers are made of low-density polyethylene (LDPE), and are made by extrusion, tablet pressing, word pressing, glue coating and other processes, which can release anti-mildew factors for a long time, so as to achieve anti-mildew effect. It can be used in leather, textiles, works of art, packaging boxes, optoelectronics and other items, which can effectively prevent goods from being damaged by mould in the process of transportation and storage.


Product Features

Continuous anti-mildew: Minghui anti-mould sticker, which uses LDPE as the raw material, has the characteristics of tasteless and stable chemical properties, and can quickly release anti-mildew factors to form a mildew-proof and protect environment, which can protect leather, textiles and other goods against mildew.

Layout customization: Huawin anti-mildew film supports layout customization, as long as 100000 pieces can be customized layout and color.


Product Application

Minghui anti-mould stickers are widely used in leather, textiles, works of art, packaging boxes, optical electrons and other products that need anti-mildew.



Guide for Use of Anti-mould Stickers

①Use scissors to cut along the dotted line at the top, and be careful not to cut off the self-sealing below, otherwise you will not be able to save the unused anti-mould stickers.

②Pull out a piece of leather anti-mildew film, tear off a piece of anti-mildew film, and put it in a packing box or PE bag.

③Cover the box or PE bag immediately after placing the anti-mould sticker.

④Please put the unused anti-mould stickers back into the aluminum foil bag and seal them for preservation.

Tips:The dosage of anti-mould stickers can be adjusted according to different places and placed in the corresponding position

Shoebox: 1-2 pieces

Boots: 3-4 pieces

Large cartons: 8-10 pieces


Product Customization

All of our anti-mould products can be customized, consult customer service to choose products suitable for you!

Consultation and negotiation → determination of cooperation intention → determination of sample design → proofing and sending → contract signing → mass production → shipment

Warm tip: the design sample can be provided by your company or designed by our company. If you need to print your logo, please also provide brand certificate.



Notes for Anti-mould Sticker Storage and Usage

①Put the product into the packing box and put the anti-mould sticker at the same time, and the packing box should be packed into the outer box as soon as possible.

②Damage to the outer box or damp will affect the loss of anti-mildew ingredients of this agent. Plastic bags should be added to protect the long-distance transportation when being caught in the rain.

③When the packing box is packed within 72 hours, the mold in the box has been destroyed by the anti-mould sticker, and the anti-mould striker can be used for more than 6 months before opening the box.

④After the product packaging is sealed, if it is inspected by opening the box, the anti-mould sticker gas has escaped at this time, so it must be reprocessed to ensure that the mildew-proof ingredients will not be lost.

⑤After the mould sticker is placed in the box, the gas is volatilized quickly and evenly distributed in the box, so it is the same in any position in the box.

⑥This product has strong irritation, please strengthen ventilation measures in the workplace when using it. Keep away from eyes and nose to avoid excessive irritation. if you touch it, rinse with clean water immediately.

⑦The storage period of this anti-mould sticker is 1 year. Please store it in a place that is dry, ventilated, low temperature and far from the source of fire.


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