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Minghui SUPER ABSORB container desiccant bag efficiently prevented the damage on the carton caused by container rain .

Minimize the occurrence of fog and rain and cargo sweat during container transportation,
Prevent and avoid the deterioration of the goods due to moisture in the transportation.

The Challenges of Shipping

The Trouble Faced by Ocean Shipping

Container rain will cause a serious impact on the goods in the container or the outer packaging of the goods, It is internationally adopted to place a container desiccant in the container to control the dew point, absorb moisture in the air, reduce the humidity of the container, and prevent condensation.

The Risks Incurred in Container

During ocean transportation, dew in the container caused by temperature and humidity changes will damage the goods-moisture, mold, rust, oxidation, etc., such as water stains on the carton will affect the appearance or directly damage the outer packaging, or even affect the quality of the product, such as metal parts. Corrosion or label peeling, etc.

Recommended Scheme

Put proper numbers of Minghui Super Absorb container desiccant bags in the container.

Product Recommendation

It has a steady effect of drying and anti-mildew. Especially the container desiccant blanket, calcium chloride container desiccant, and mineral container desiccant.




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